Long Live the King!!!

Strike up the band. Lance is King! Lance is King!

The man has claimed seven straight Tour de France titles in a row. No one has come close to his style of riding since Miguel Indurain and Eddie Merckx. To overcome such adversity and long odds of recovery and win seven straight anything is unheard of. Lance Armstrong came out of cancer and tore through the peleton to claim his birthright at the top of the podium on the Champs Elysees in Paris.

After hearing his story and reading his book, I became inspired to follow his footsteps. Not to ride in the Tour, but to get on a bike and just ride. Like a duck to water I started riding and accumulating miles. I wanted to know what it felt like to travel long distances and push my body to its limits of endurance and strength. The spirit of Lance is in me, and it will never leave. I may be sidelined with serious injury for the moment, but I am out there riding in my mind, and planning my next great journey.

Congratulations to you, Lance Armstrong. You have shown the world what the true human spirit is made of. You never gave up fighting and you never gave up winning. Keep fighting for what you believe and you will keep winning. Enjoy your retirement and have fun watching the kids grow up. Maybe I will see you on the road sometime.

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