Not Much to Recap

The past couple of Tuesdays have been rather repetitive. Not much in the way of new material to pass on to you guys. Last night was no exception, we just practiced accuracy and trigger control all night. The previous week was another tactical shotgun drill. It was better last week because I put a sling on my shotgun and was not having to hold that heavy hunk of metal.

We are going to have a special class next week. We have been asked to invite friends, family, husbands, wives, etc. who have no, or limited experience in shooting. It will be a three hour event with a lecture on preparation v. paranoia (basically, the same argument I had with my wife last week will be set to a lecture) and then progress to the range for safety briefing and basic pistol drills.

This should be a great class. I will be bringing Mrs. Shooter and the Pink Lady (Shooter's Best Gal-Friend) to the class for some structured lessons. I will gladly give you the scoop next week on how it went.


One little tidbit I remembered from our bull session at the pizza joint yesterday evening...

Instructor Greg was asked about why he always backs into a parking space. This was interesting to hear and I thought I would share with you guys. He backs into parking places because he is putting his vehicle into a known space. You do that when you park nose into a space, yes, but this way, when you leave you are not backing out into unknown space.

This is beneficial to your health and wellbeing because no one can sneak up on you and potentially blindside you with an attack, or car crash. Also, you are not leaving anything to chance with hidden areas and blindspots. Sure, it takes an extra minute, but it is worth it to know you are getting out alive. The other advantage is that there is more power coming out of first gear on most vehicles and you can easily make your getaway (each vehicle is different, so check your owner's manual for all that technoweenie power output mumbo jumbo).

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