First Stop

I was finally pulled over by the police on Wednesday. Got caught in a speed trap near downtown Houston. Cops are getting down on leadfoots coming into the downtown area in preparation for the upcoming All-Star game and attached festivities. Not much to say, because I was carrying my speed into the area and was coasting.

I was heading to UofH-Downtown for my accounting class. The cop with the laser pulls me over and I wait while his partner finishes a ticket for the car in front of me. He walks by and tells me to pull up and allow another car to park behind me. I look and see my old buddy from high school, Ocifer D. D and I go back to running with some of the same people in our church youth group and high school, even though we graduated a couple of years apart. I haven't seen him since September 11th, when he was tasked with guarding the Israeli consulate. I just happened to be working for a radio station in the same building.

I know he is going to get me out of this ticket...today. I give him my driver's license and CHL card as required. He did ask me for it! It was all for show. Some Memorial socialite was throwing a hissy fit waiting for her ticket as I kibbitzed with the officers. They were cracking jokes about my speed and the fact that Ocifer D and I went to a Catholic school.

D laughed when I told him where I was keeping my pistol. Mr. Blasty was tucked away in a gun rug that was placed inside an unzipped soft side lunchbox. Since I was going to be on school grounds, I keep my sidearm tucked away in a secure box in my truck. I do, however, keep it handy when I am in the vehicle and moving around. Last I checked, UHD Campus cops can't bust me for carrying in a parking lot. Give me shit, yeah, but I won't take the ride as they say.

Anyway, thought it was very cool that my first CHL encounter was with someone I knew. I liked his reaction when I handed my CHL over to him. He kinda jumped and said, "wow!" and then asked where I kept it.

And FYI for all you Houstonians...for the forseeable future, there will be a Laser Speed Trap working where Memorial turns into Texas Ave. in downtown. The cops like to hide behind cars lined up outside of the Verizon Theater. Best to have your speed down below 40mph BEFORE you pass under I-45.

Stay safe.

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