Got Me Steemed!!!

Saw St. Cindy for the first time the other day. She was in town for a protest at the Sr. Bush's church. I have never wanted to shoot someone more in my life than at that moment.

Don't read that last statement the wrong way. She did get my dander up, but I am not about to go out and start a three state kill spree. She was wrapped up in that pink boa and spouting her hate and invectives at every camera that was flashed in front of her. If there ever was an uglier poster child for a cause, it is her. Makes me sick to think about it.

I normally don't spout off about things political, but what she has done is unconscionable.

I do believe that we need to pull our troops from Iraq...WHEN THE JOB IS FINISHED AND NOT A MOMENT SOONER!!!

I do believe that we need to spread a message of peace and love...but not the way she does it.

I do believe that she has the Constitutionally protected right to speak her mind and make a public fool of herself on t.v.

I do believe that we are succeeding in rebuilding Iraq and our services there are appreciated by those that want the change to occur.

I believe that Casey Sheehan is doing somersaults in his grave right this moment and wishing he could smack his momma square in the mouth.

I believe that I'm going to bed. I'm tired of this shit.

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