12 the Hard Way!

Pounds that is. Been down with pneumonia since last Friday. Ugh, not a fun thing to live through. I was unable to eat or sleep for three consecutive days because of an extremely sore throat. Every time I would drift off, I'd wake up screaming, coughing and gagging because my throat hurt so. I was able to see the doctor last Monday and he prescribed some Vicodin to help me sleep. Boy did I! I was giving away the bank right before lights out. Never mind that Vicodin upsets my stomach to no end, I was in heaven on Monday night. I was able to put down some food and drink a Sprite...and sleep!

I had the nurse really worried when I showed up for my doctor visit. She immediately put me on the scale and marked my weight on the chart. I croaked out that I was twelve pounds down from what I normally weigh, and she looked at me in shock. Hey, these things happen when you get real sick. I plan on keeping this weight off for now. I like the slim look and being able to reach the third notch on my belts. Now, I have to worry about keeping it off. Gonna be a rough couple of weeks as I get back in shape and on the bike. It should help more now that I have my stationary trainer at home. My belated birthday gift arrived about the same time as the Vicodin. Haven't even taken it out of the back of my truck yet, but think I should try it out this Wednesday.

Training for the MS150 was going swimmingly until this setback. I just finished my first eighty mile ride the week previously, and also rode at the Memorial Park Froot Loop that Thursday. A front had moved through that afternoon and the weather was brisk for our ride. I felt what I thought was an allergy attack coming on that evening which progressed into what became P as in Pneumonia.

Fundraising is another matter. Only have $50 dollars to date and need to raise $350 more to meet the minimum goal. I am really considering a PayPal link, but I don't really want to pimp for my causes here. I will probably stick with the hands on approach unless any of this readership really feels compelled to donate. Post a comment and let me know.

I'm gonna get back to some actual work now. I left my files in an utter mess and the boss lady has had enough of my sh*#. She said that being sick is what kept my job for me. I now have to buckle down and bust ass to show some initiative here. Kinda makes it hard when I am becoming less interested in this particular job. I would prefer to have another job in the bank, and I am working on it as we speak, but that takes time and patience. I've got all the time in the world as long as I keep doing my job, but patience is wearing thin.

Someone say a prayer for me.


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