Another One Down

My "brother from another mutha" called me this AM to tell about a shooting that occured in his apartment complex. It seems that some 'stuck on stupid f*&$-tard' was coveting his neighbor's possessions and decided to relieve said neighbor from those possessions. Details are sketchy, but from all accounts, the would-be thug wasn't paying close attention to his intended victim. The non-victim claimed to be going for his wallet, but instead drew a .45 and put one round in the thug's chest. My friend heard from the police that by some stroke of luck the bullet missed lungs, heart and spinal column, yet was a center mass hit.

I have this man to thank personally for protecting himself, my best friend, and my best friend's 4 year old daughter. While this is a sprawling complex where events occured, the shooting took place in my friend's cluster of apartment units. I've been there myself, very nice and upscale, although a bit small for my tastes. A bunch of young professionals and the usual wage slaves live in this complex. It is somewhere on the northwest side of Dallas near the Cowboys training camp.

The last time I was there was for Swede's run at the State Tennis Championships for League Tennis. It was also the first time I really carried, and the first time I was in a carry quandary. Long story short, I carried all the time that weekend. One of the tennis venues was a club next to a high school with a shared parking lot. I was careful to check for the Texas 30.06 signs and never saw one until we got caught in a rain delay. The courts did not have a sign at the entrance, but when I went to enter the pro shop, neon was ablaze and bells were ringing. The 30.06 was posted on both doors. It was then that I realized I was damned if I do and damned if I don't. I was less concerned with cops than I was some yuppy, big hair, Texas socialite wannabe tennis star freakin' if she printed me. Ended up putting Mr. Blasty (my .45) back in the glove box and leaving it at that.

Getting back to my point, my boy and his lil' girl live in a nice part of Dallas. I never thought I would hear about them having any crime problems. I thank that man again for sticking his neck out in a desparate situation and defending my friends and his neighbors.

Hat Tip to Clayton Cramer's Civilian Gun Self Defense Blog for the story.

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