Brand New Bag!

Swede and I have joked repeatedly about getting a tattoo. I am inclined to do so one of these days, but she hesitates when giving it serious thought. It also hurts the cause that we don't know who the good artists in H-town are. eh...

I have thought longer and harder about having one. Something in me is just crying out rebellion before I reach my 35th year. I just don't know what to ink into my skin that will reflect part or all of me. For the longest time I had plans to get the Green Beret insignia put on my arm. I weighed the pros and cons of that particular design against each other and finally decided that it will not do. I don't think it would be fair or honorable to those who've fought and bled for the right to wear that crest. I did not want to misrepresent myself to others and further become a 'mall ninja, tac-tard' by pretending to be what I am not.

When I see that crest, I feel strong emotions flow through my veins. I think to the hard trials I have had to face, and the physical and mental demands put upon my body. Somewhere deep inside I feel this kindered bond with those men who've given up much more.

"De Oppresso Liber" makes me think about my role in this life as a fighter. "To Free the Oppressed" literally translates into how and why I fight. It also accurately describes the role of our men and women in the Iraqi and Afghani theaters. They are busy working to remove the oppresoors from power and control and hand it back to the Free People of Iraq and Afghanistan. I support that, and I respect all that the motto stands for.

I will forgo the original idea of a Green Beret tattoo. They don't deserve someone like me coming along and assuming the role of warrior when not earned. I have amended my plans and will instead settle for something a lot more subtle. If I ever decide to do it.

The only other alternative for me is a Texas battle flag. Ideally, I would engrave the Gonzales Banner of 1835 over my arm. Barring that, I would have the Rebellion flag that Dimmit made depicting the severed arm holding the sword. Both are representative of the fierce pride and staunch independence that Texans represent. Although, I believe the Gonzales Banner would incite more furor over today's political events (only if some hapless illegal took the time to look it up!).

Maybe I can convince the wife to spring for on e on my birthday in the near future. For now, I will just dream a little dream and think happy thoughts of crushing the rebellious hordes that would cross our borders and do harm to my home and country.

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