Job Update

I thought it best to update you guys on my recent job woes.

I am working through my fifth day at the new branch. It seems I am a breath of fresh air for all the people here. My predecessor, a very good man and strong employee, has a few faults that were pointed out to me in some fashion or another. Mostly petty quirks, but still enough to put a bad taste in a few customer's mouths.

So far, I am off to a great start. As you can see, I still goof off quite a bit. That hasn't caught me up yet, and I am still staying on top of my tasks. The best part is, that there is a better division of labor here than at my old branch. There, I was tasked with a myriad of odds and ends that hampered my ability to complete major tasks. Now, some of those tasks are assigned to tellers and still others are done by my counterpart, the lobby coordinator. If I were to play my cards right, I wouldn't have to lift a finger at all. Just sit and wait for the accounts to roll in. Lobby traffic isn't like the other branch, so I have to lift a couple of fingers to get some accounts. Not to worry, I have my account goals already met.

My new Branch Manager is a complete opposite from the former. Here, I am given free reign to complete my tasks as necessary. She even said she wouldn't jump my case unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. As long as I kept her in the loop, she was happy and we were okay. She also made me smile when she told me she prefers to have Personal Bank Officers in the lobby where she only has one PB. This makes me smile because that means she will fight to have me promoted in a few months. I am patient as long as she fights for me. And I know she will fight for me. She even said so. And I have seen her stand up for me when I was a lowly little teller on my first week in the lobby.

She knows my goals and aspirations for the next coming years. I made it clear that I am looking for the next big challenge. If that means I get into the junior lending program, or move to investments, I dunno. Heck, I was having lunch this week with our top insurance guy. As I chomped down on some of El Tiempo's Quesadillas with their homemade guacamole, he gave me the down and dirty on the insurance biz. It sounds like an interesting career path, but I don't know if I have the patience and drive he requires. I will probably pass on that one. The talk I had with our invemstment officer was far more enlightening. She walked me through the ins and outs of her field and it sounded like a decent step up from where I am. Now, if they only had a junior broker program at the bank, I would be in business. I will have to take her boss out to lunch someday and pick his brain about it. As my mentor here said, that guy is more willing to train someone from within without experience than he is to hire someone from outside the bank with no experience/limited experience. I'll fill you in on that conversation.

My former BM is off my case now. Just had a couple of calls from her regarding other customers, but nothing that she had to get on my case for. I don't know if it is me, but there is something tangible between us. I get this funny vibe whenever I am in contact with her. Like two people after a bad breakup who just happen to meet up in public somewhere. She's none of my nevermind now. I only have to deal with her when absolutely necessary, and that will be too soon.

I also received my grade for my first accounting class. Thankfully, the final wasn't as hard as I thought, or the prof graded on a steep curve. One way or another, I got my B and am on my way to the next class in the fall. Now I need to return my tuition reimbursement and get some money back. I get about $300 bills that I am putting toward the house buying project. And that is another post for another day. Preferably a day with a glass of scotch and a good cigar on my new back porch. I have another $300 or $400 socked away for a new AK (that Swede will not find out about until it's too late!).

Have to get some calls made now. After all, I am still at work. Have a great weekend.

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Jerry The Geek said...

It may not be the best idea to blog at work.

But it is definately not a good idea to blog about your employer, your co-workers and your supervisers at work.

You might want to consider taking this article off your blogsite, in case an officer of the bank happens upon it and considers the misuse of company resources and work-time.

Just a friendly word of advice.