Too Long Silent

Build a fence and build it high!

I have remained silent for too long on this illegal immigration issue. I can no longer keep my peace when my wife had to stand in line for ten years before she received her green card. She did it the hard way, hiring a lawyer. And we still had to threaten him and ride his ass to do anything. Sh*@, after a month of being married, I was >< this close to losing my wife to some beauracratic snafu that would have forced her out of the country and back to Sweden. That limp-dick, no-load geek a$$hole got a prompt boot up his ass when Swede sent a copy of our marriage license for his files. Read our last name to an attorney anywhere in the city of Houston and heads turn. Not that dad is any Dick DeGuerin or Rusty Harden, but he gets the job done and gets noticed. Probably one of the top in his field and that will open a few doors every now and again. It also makes a$$holes slam shut when needed.

I listened to G. Waffle Bush's speech the other night. Wasn't too impressed by it, either. It looks as if he has gone to the middle of the road in order not to become pavement pizza for the left or right. Some sort of amnesty/worker program for the left, and a wall and troops for the right. Don't deport anyone, but don't forget to take the troops' guns away from them when they man their posts. As the old saw goes, "It's a huge sh*$ sandwich, and we're all gonna take a bite."

Now, I am all in favor of the National Guard manning the border, but Bush's Bean is Baked if he thinks they should only serve in a non-combat role. He has the ability to grant them law enforcement power, and should do it. Bush should definitely forgo putting Guard troops from Iraq on our borders, though. A) They're too tired, B) They are too keyed up from all the fighting, C) They need some much needed rest.

We have troops now who can fill the gap and provide security. There are also the myriad of units gearing up for deployment to Iraq. What better time to provide some desert acclimation and training than on the border? Get them used to interacting with foreigners. Wring out their equipment. Put these guys in some situations where they have to use their brains to fight, and not their guns.

I forgot where I read it this morning, but someone mentioned, rather brilliantly, that we have mechanized, engineering, and civil affairs troops stateside sitting idle. Grab a couple of SeaBee detachments and a couple of Engineer brigades and have them build the border wall. The immigrants on those job crews are eager to work. Hell, they're in the military trying to gain citizenship. What's the Corp of Engineers doing these days? Aside from the Ponchartrain Levee, nothing of importance. Get their belt banging balls a'rolling and put them to work.

I think the prez has got his head buried deep in Vicente's lap. No militarization of the border? Jeezuz H on the proverbial crutch!!! Have a couple of Strykers roll up and down the border pointing their nose where it belongs, and I guarantee the coyotes will drop their cargo and haul balls for the border. I'd make sure that a couple of school buses or Deuce and a halfs were sitting in a laager area waiting for the call to pick up and return our neighbors to their home. Heck, we have all that land doing nothing in the middle of Arizona. One nice big detention center for illegals would be nice to have. Put Amtrak and Greyhound to good use and have them run the shuttles 24/7 to one central location. Put a couple of airstrips parallel to the center so we can move illegals to their home country. Housing would be a snap, too. All those FEMAtoriums gatherine dust in Nawlins could be used to house illegals and their relatives while they await deportation.

I hate to say it, but we've been pussyfied. In order to save his blessed image, G.W.B. ain't T.C.B. He's worried that people will revolt and vote dimmocrap and he'll lose his grip on the Legislature in the next election. Maybe, but he can still get things done without them.

We should have troops on the border anyway. At least until the Border Patrol gets their act together. There should be a wall all along that southern border, and it should be manned by guards, sensors, and cameras 24/7/365.

I forsee a bad incident arising out of Bush's plan. What's to stop some drug runners from sneaking up on an unarmed patrol, or LP/OP and shredding them to pieces? Remember the non-firefight with 'Messican Troops' a while back? That can happen anywhere, and if the Guard is sitting there with their cod piece in their hands, then there are gonna be a few flag-draped coffins that will make the shortest trip to Arlington ever.

Man the border with an armed presence. Build a wall and build it high. Keep the illegals from crossing our borders. End of file.

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