It wasn't Avon calling...

Needless to say, everyone in the blogosphere has jumped into the Zarqawi pig pile. Figure I should throw in my flying elbow drop for good measure. Glad to see the Air Farce 'shack' his shack with a couple hundred pounds of persuasion. As some lawyers and judges in Texas like to say, "That boy needed killing."

Where does his death leave us? Well, I believe that our forces' morale will be buoyed by the news, and we should capitalize on the event with more action against known targets. The SpecWar community has really adapted to the situation since they went operational in the region. Acting against 'hot' intel almost on the fly has really helped to put pressure on the insurgency. Our troops did that here with Zarqawi and his troupe.

I believe this is one of the final nails in the coffin for al-Queda in Iraq. Cut the head off the snake and the body will die. I am keeping my fingers crossed, though, that this is not the mythical hydra we decapitated. The Iraqi people are rejoicing, and their spirits are levied. We don't hear about it enough in the MSM, but they are truly rebuilding over there and this event will further propel the Iraqi people forward. I am hearing more and more that the Iraqi Army is taking control of sections in and around Bagdhad and the surrounding countryside. The people have freely elected a government that reflects the diverse makeup of Iraqi culture. We are also seeing, more and more, that the insurgency is losing strength.

Maybe this is the hydra we are fearing, but not speaking of. Very likely, we may see this beast destroy itself through indecision and infighting. I just pray it withers away to allow the Iraqi people time to heal and grow. Just as long as we don't relax. Keep bringing the fight to the terrorist assholes. Make them suffer for each IED, soldier and beheading. Make them suffer double for each Iraqi civilian. After all, we are fighting for them...so that they may bask in the light of freedom.

I raise my glass to the Falcon drivers. You boys did good dropping those bombs on target. I don't think they will have to buy another drink in any military bar for the rest of their lives.

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