PRNJ -- Icky poo!

Blogging will be light for a couple of weeks. Tuesday, Swede and I will be flying out to Sweden for her brother's nuptials. I am excited. Vacation couldn't come soon enough. After the past events at my old branch, this will recharge the batteries and help me get some new focus. Hopefully, I will have some great photos to share with you. Don't think I will have the opportunity to blog while over there because Daddy Swede's dial up connection is very slow.

I will be catching up on my reading while over there and plan on sharing my latest book purchases with you. There is one I just picked up I am real excited about. It is all about the private contractors in Iraq and the stories they have to share. I also picked up "Telegraph Days" by Larry McMurtry of "Lonesome Dove" fame. There are a myriad of other books my wife brought home from work, too. Several of them look verrrrryyyyy interesting.

See ya in a couple of weeks.

Oh, I forgot to mention...We're flying Contenintal this time around. Best deal we could get. I will be stuck in Newark, New Jersey for three or four hours on layover. I have taken it upon myself to not visit any Gun-Grabbing Utopia, but this is an unfortunate necessity. Might as well make the best of it and pick up a Guns & Ammo at the newstand. Whaddaya think, should I wear my sh*$kickers and cowboy hat through the terminal?

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