Trip Talk

Finally got to my brother in law´s computer while we're in Stockholm. Swede and I are taking a couple of days to hang with her brother and his beautiful Finnish bride. I don't have pictures to post yet,but give me some time when I get back. I will gladly post some pics from the wedding and our vacation.

It is absolutely beautiful here. The only way I can compare to anything the States has to offer is by comparing Sweden to Alaska. The weather is mild and sunny. I have a decent tan as opposed to the crappy bicyclist's tan I have had the past couple of summers. My legs don't look so pasty. There is no A-C here either, but we keep the windows open for a little cool breeze. What really freaks my melon is that darkness comes at 2a.m. That only lasts for an hour or two this time of the year. It isn't even dark, just twilight.

We are going to celebrate midsummer in the traditional Swedish way on Wednesday. The place we are going to is Julita (sp?) Estate. If you want a good reference, check out the Haringe.se website to get a comparison. Absolutely beautiful place to celebrate a wedding.

Now, if you will excuse me, we are going to walk to a friend's for the afternoon and then watch World Cup Soccer this evening. Tomorrow we are going to be typical tourists before watching a friendly footie match between Sweden and the U.K.


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