I Hate Shopping

For a new home...

As I mentioned earlier, Swede and I are going through the rigors of home-buying. I hate it. We've lost out on two great houses now, and the realtor is getting on my nerves. I should have fired her last week when I had the chance. We put a contract on a house that later fell through. She had to travel between my office and Swede's to get our signatures. When she heard Swede was downtown, she flat out refused. Had Swede not been able to make it to my location, she would have been gone in a flash. Inexcusable.

We are back on track. I am going to see a house with her today after work. It is a 3/2/2 on a 16,000 sq.ft. lot. Swede already visited it. She kinda liked it, but the house isn't singing to her. Maybe because of the crappy backyard and siding that is coming off. For the price, this house is very doable. I don't mind spending the bucks for Hardi-plank or aluminum siding. I could even do the job myself. As inept as I look, I can still find my way around a SkilSaw. Once I get my eyes on the house, I will know if it sings for me. But we agreed early on, if a house isn't sending out a 'buy me' vibe for the both of us, we will pass.

There is another neighborhood on the north side of Houston, Oak Forest, that we really like, too. I am going to see two more houses there on my lunch break next week. Smaller lots and smaller square footage all around, but very nicely kept with new roofs and A/C. Those two things are ever important in this hurricane, heat infested swamp of a town. That neighborhood has its share of mutants though. The local newsies are harping about a serial killer going around teh neighborhood to the north of Oak Forest. They have a description, and if he comes walking around, I am sure one of the neighbors would holler and scream. This is a very WASPish subdivision in a very mixed part of town.

Just as long as the police patrol the neighborhood, I have security lights and an alarm, and my wife buys the german shepherd she's always wanted, we'll be fine. I only ask for a room for my office, a garage big enough for my reloading supplies, bicycle gear and a car, and brand new appliances, then I know I will be home. I may need a bigger backyard as dad has promised to pay our lawncare bill if we let him grow tomatoes.

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