I've been working on the firing line...

...all the live long day!

Things are boring in my part of the world. Gun-related that is.

Tac Tuesday carries on with some repetition. It is enough to keep me trained up and conditions, but I feel as if we are blunting the edge of the sword. You can only go over so many close contact drills, tac reloads and TRB's (Tap Rack Bang). Lately, we've gone hands on with disarmament drills and some knife fighting techniques. There is only so much of that to go around with people not wanting to get cut. I am not about to start picking fights with guys who carry knives. Why tempt fate? The good thing about our knife training is that we were learining more disarmament and defensive things than offensive. Stuff like slashing wrists or body parts if you are backed up to a wall and a guy has a choke hold on you.

I am so bored of the same routine stuff that I am tempted to blow some of my savings on a couple of new rifles and shotguns. We have a cool looking Mossberg 500 pistol grip 'Master Key' shotgun on the wall right now. This thing is an 18" barrel pistol-grip with a saw-toothed looking muzzle brake on the end. It is bead welded to the end for breaching doors and making big holes in things. For four Benjis, I might put it in the back of the 4Runner.

We have a couple of Century Arms AK variants on the wall, too. One is an all black side folder with the Galil forend. The other is an underfolder with the standard wood forend. Both could be had for about 8 bills total. I know a guy who shoots with us on a regular basis who can get me an 870 riot gun for $280. He works at a competitor's store and they deal in a higher volume and he gets a killer discount.

Trivia Question: What did Crockett carry in his ankle holster on the show "Miami Vice?"

If you guess correctly, I will tell you how much the one in our store is going for.


LawDog said...

Detonics Combat Master.



shooter said...

Congrats to LawDog! Correctomucho! and Taco Bueno! Leave it to us Texicans to know our pistolas. It recently sold to a collector for roughly $980.