How Could You?!

It seems our newest cycling sensation, a protege of "The King Of France" Lance Armstrong, has been nicked for doping. The 'A' test of his urine sample came back showing elevated levels of testosterone. The WADA states it was not naturally produceds.

Someone slip you a Mickey, Floyd? Hmmm?

Can't say as I blame him.. Oh! what the F*&$ am I saying???!!! This turd deserves a lifetime ban if he is busted for cheating. Cheating and then winning the Tour de France while hopped up on testosterone is ridiculous. What was he thinking if it turns out to be true? If it comes out on Saturday that Floyd Landis was using synthetic testosterone to gain an edge, then I will have lost all respect for him. The circumstances surrounding his remarkable comeback after blowing up in the mountains raise a few eyebrows. I am sure the UCI was giving him the ol' hairy eyeball when he blew up on the last couple of stages. I thought it was a fascinating ride a'la Lance's comeback after clipping that kid's muesli bag a couple years back. I thought he went after that win like a man possessed.

I honestly hope that this 'B' sample comes up negative, and Floyd can move on. But he left himself open and will get no rest after that. I kind of had high hope for Floyd and George Hincapie becoming the top American riders to watch for. Guess I will have to look out for someone else. We shall see what the results bring in the morning.

The only time anyone should cheat is when it is a fight for your life. That is the only acceptable time to use every means at your disposal to gain the upper hand. I teach that when I instruct on Tac Tuesdays and remind others that fighting is never fair. Cheating to win a race, or score higher on a test shows weakness and lack of discipline. It shows me that you have no right to be where you are and you don't respect the people around you enough.

Many of us can honestly say we've cheated on tests, or cut some corner in life to gain an advantage. Others may say that they have used performance enhancing drugs to boost their athletic prowess. I can honestly say I cheated as much as I could when I was in college. Usually, that meant looking off of someone's paper during exams. I was never one for much studying. Nobody, including myself, is proud of what they did. We live with that everyday of our lives. I just hope that the good Lord sees fit to forgive me of my transgressions. The satisfaction gained from cheating is short lived. There is a small gain from it, but a lifetime of guilt, repressed or not.

I honestly pray that Floyd is cleared of the doping accusation. But science is good these days and they probably have a good idea of what he did and how he did it. I still pray, though.

For those of you who have never felt the need to cheat, I applaud you. I respect and admire you. You show great discispline and strength that I never had growing up. I wish I had a rewind button like that cheesy Adam Sandler flick. I would rewind my life to before I started school and do it all over again. I bet Floyd wishes he could, too.

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