House Hunting Still Sux!

We backed out of the house contract last week. Had a construction contractor tell me to walk away from it. Probably for the better, but it was extremely hard to do. The house was beautiful, but the seller was unwilling to make a couple of necessary repairs to the electrical. That and the sewer and foundation were still in question.

Swede and I may be in the market for a new Realtor, too. She kept pushing us to go for this house. EVEN AFTER SHE ADVISED US TO WALK AWAY AT ONE POINT!!!! ARGH!!! I could have drop kicked her for that bright ray of sunshine up my ass.

Thursday we are gonna dive right back in and look at another house nearby. About $40K cheaper, but just as nice on the inside.

I'll linky post the house we passed on so you can see what we walked away from.

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none said...

Yeah don't screw with foundation stuff it always bad news.

Realtors never work for you or have your interests in mind they just want to make the sale and get the commission. Many are scrupulous lying bastards.

Finding your own home though the paper or real estate guide then just using whoever is on the sign if front of the house you want is just as good.

Always remember the realtor gets 6% of the house price as commission. Make em work for it.

This might help some: