Rain Sux!

It started raining this AM and looks like it is going to continue through the weekend. Oh well, there go my plans for world domination.

Swede and I have been getting to the range more often during the week. She shoots the XD-40 (Roscoe) and I get some trigger time with Mr. Blasty (1911). After last week's Tac Tuesday working on the Farnham drill, I realize I need more weak hand trigger time. I am pulling all my shots and squeeze jerking that trigger. All my shots are low and left. I only caught on to this by doing some dry fire practice the other day. Something about anticipating the quiet click of a hammer falling on an empty chamber makes dry fire practice much more beneficial. I'll get that weak hand problem licked pretty soon. Just gonna take some practice.

Might as well take advantage and do it today while it's raining.


Anonymous said...

Yeah raining like a sombish here too. We have a couple of covered ranges thankfully but it doesn't prevent wet jeans butt when firing from a rest. I'm also not real keen on taking my old wood and steel guns out into the wet. Maybe today will be something plastic.

shooter said...

where you hiding at, hammer? reading your stuff sounds like you are in my neck of the woods. houstonish?

Anonymous said...

Bout 205 miles west.