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I truly respect and admire all law enforcement officials. Yours is a thankless job much maligned in the press and society. Crappy pay, crappy hours, and a crappy customer base to deal with. You also have to hassle with political hacks who think they know what's best for you, whether it be a boogered-up 'chase and release' policy, or sensitivity training and group hugs for the scumbag you just tazered.

Then there is the small problem with the rank and file. Yes, unfortunately, there are some in the ranks that definitely give you a bad name. Jack-booted thugs who have no right or privilege to the badge. They abuse their power and my rights the minute they wake up in the morning. It's like the devil peed in their Cheerios and they finished the bowl before realizing the joke.

Don't even get me started on the graft and corruption that runs through the department. A good friend's husband owns a local coffee house nearby. The previous owner had an arrangement with Houston's boys in blue. They could eat for free. Well, the boys in blue took that to mean they could bring their families, too. He took that privilege away the minute he took ownership. The police warned him that was a big mistake. Sure enough, cars were being broken into in his parking lot. Employee cars. See where this is going?

The cops eat free again.

We spend too much time on all the bad things they do. I barely spend enough time on the good. Like my friend JP at the range. He works nights for the Harris County Constable Pct. 5. Homeboy sees a lot of action out in his section of West Harris County. I am proud to say he makes good collars and keeps the peace. He's known as a hard charger and head basher. He gets the job done. He actually left his old patrol area because his supervisors there hated that he was making arrests and locking up the bad guys. Sad thing is, that was my neighborhood.

Don't forget people like LawDog. Out there in the West Texas landscape bringing law to the lawless. His life reads like a McManus hunting yarn mixed with a Walker, Texas Ranger episode. Why there cannot be a million more like him across the land, I don't know. I am all for cloning if we can clone LawDog.

This is all leading somewhere, believe me. I ran across this blog, Code 4, last night. I was just goofing and found him somewhere while googling my name and contemplating my belly button. This guy is very articulate and tells a good story. Mostly about his days as an LAPD ocifer in the South Central division. Homey is doing Gawd's work down there. He's pretty young on the job. Only been with the force about 3 or 4 years now. Let's keep thinking good thoughts for him and pray he gets home safe every night.

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