Getting There

Just a couple more days to go. November 1st will be the big day. Swede and I will own a home of our very own. Lots of things to do before then. Have to get my phone service moved over there, verify all the insurance and financial b.s., pack more boxes of stuff and sort through all the accumulated garbage from the past few years. Also need to get some movers lined up to haul the big stuff over next weekend. I would like to have some semblance of home established before the in-laws fly over. They are coming over in about two and a half weeks.

While shooting the Tac Tuesday class last night, a couple of us got on the topic of AK-47s. I chimed in that I was getting ready to purchase a couple. Eclipse mentioned he was interested, but hasn't settled on any particular rifle yet. Pete, the topic instigator was at the gun show a couple of weeks ago and pointed out that a couple of guys specializing in AK's were running higher than normal cost. I always believed you could get a superb AK specimen for sub-$500 prices. Alas, I am way too uninformed on the topic to make that determination. Unfortunately for the rifle community, Head's Bunker is down, so we cannot rely on him for an easy resource. I cannot get into the gun forums at work, and my dial up access is limited in the moving process right now.

I just need to know the basics right now. What brands should I stay away from? What specs and features should I look for? What condition indicators must I pay attention to?

I know what I want. One fixed and one folder stock rifle. I'll probably do single point sling attachments (I really favor that method of carry). Some form of sighting system (EOTech most likely). Rail system on at least one gun, for a light and maybe a bi-pod. I'd like to have a simple camp/coyote gun for the lease. A side-folder is more comfortable in my opinion because it resmbles a regular stock. The under-folder is a bit wide at the back and is hard to seat in the shoulder pocket comfortably. Although, the under-folder is much easier to shoot from the folded position. Side-folders don't lend themselves well to shooting from the folded position at all. I really like the Galil style forends I have seen on some models, but I fail to see how a Galil forend can accomodate a rail on top. Gonna have to research that some more.

Still have lots to do before moving day. I needed to get these thoughts out there, though. I hope one of you could provide me with some ideas and leads.


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