Only One?!?!

I was tooling around Anarchangel's blog this AM and caught the post about any nine different guns I could own if they were the only guns I could have. I listed the rules below, and my choices are below that. Feel free to pass this on and do it yourself. Should be interesting to see what we all come up with.

For part 1, let's say you can jsut have one gun in a particular category, and I'll specify several categories.

For part 2, we narrow the selection down to just one single solitary gun; for everything.Oh, and a rules note. The weapons in question must either be readily available (new or used), readily customizable for a reasonable expense by known smiths, or already in your collection. This should keep down the "ultra super custom gold inlaid" etc... etc...Oh, and not "I'll take 10 of the most expensive guns, sell them all and buy a bunch of cheap ones".First, the categories

1. Rimfire Handgun- Probably a Browning Buckmark. Bull Barrel for some added stability. I shot one at the lease a couple of times and like the way it handles. If that is not available, I will go with a Walther P99. It has good ergonomics and is pretty compact.

2. Rimfire rifle - Ruger 10/22. Naw, scratch that, I'll go with my trusty Marlin lever action .22. Been shooting that thing for years. It will probably be bequeathed to my son/daughter/offspring.

3. Centerfire hunting rifle - Already have it dialed in. My Sako .30-06. Had a muzzle brake installed a couple of years ago to reduce recoil. Dad and I worked up some tighter handloads and this thing is a tack-driver now.

4. Centerfire carbine (either hunting or defensive) - I really like the .45-70 Govt. guide gun. It is short on looks, but packs a solid wallop with a big slug. It would probably be my only rifle of choice if I were stranded on a desert island. In my opinion, this is a well-rounded cartridge and the gun can serve a person well in a variety of scenarios.

5. Shotgun - That's like asking the fat kid in "Stand By Me" what food could he have for the rest of his life. My cherry flavored PEZ is a Remington 870. I recently acquired a mag tube extension and am planning to cut down my 26" barrel to a more defensive size. The 28" barrel is my anti-aircraft goose barrel capable of reaching out and touching something.

6. Battle rifle - I will have to get away from the AR-15/M-4geries and stick with something that packs a punch. The M-14 is well respected for being deadly accurate and extremely powerful. If I get in the shiite, I want to be able to do it from longer ranges and still make the stop. While the AR is a great weapon, I don't think that it has the range or the true stopping power of a bigger .30 cal. round.

7. Milsurp rifle or handgun - .303 Enfield Mk IV. Hands down. Love that rifle. Did I tell you I put one together straight from the box? I did, and it handles very well. My next project on that rifle is to get a small scope put on (maybe an Aimpoint) and work up some handloands.

8. Pocket gun/Concealed carry handgun - My trusty Mr. Blasty. A Kimber Pro Carry II in .45 ACP. It is an aluminum frame 1911 with custom micarta grips. I stick it in a Comp-Tac C-TAC IWB holster and it just disappears under my shirt.

9. Open carry handgun/service pistol/general duty sidearm - Springfield XD-45. I already have a .40 XD and love carrying it around the lease. Springfield makes a great gun, I don't care what people say about return springs breaking. This is a better gun than Glock in my honest opinion. Takes down easily, very abuse-resistant, and fun to shoot.

The end all/be all of guns that I would want, or own, if there was nothing else around would be a S&W 686. It can easily bring down a hog, shoot snakes, ventilate those that need it, and looks nice in a custom leather holster and gun belt.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with most of your choices.

a couple of my pics would be different probably because it's already a favorite.

Rimfire, Ruger MKII.. mine has been indestructible and I can't find anything as accurate for the price.

Centerfire Carbine would be my Winchester 94 .44 mag trapper.
Short handy and accurate.

Battle Rifle would be an AK or CETME.

Milsurp: CZ52 in 7.62x25 cool looking, reliable and high velocity.

Concealed, Makaraov

Open carry S&W 629 6 inch.
I've practiced enough to where I can put 6 full house loads into a playing card rapid fire at 7 yards.

The 629 would probably be able to take the place of many on my list in a pinch.