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Closed with a couple minor glitches. Nothing to really worry about, the insurance company misquoted my rates and we ended up paying about $500 more in premiums. I wrongly assumed the price was the same, and the underwriter never told me we were going to go with another carrier. She also never verbally quoted prices. Shoulda been more cafeful.

We also had some credit union try and sneak a checking account in on us. Nice try at a cross-sell opportunity, but don't try and pass it off on a banker. The credit union is handling our second loan and they snuck in some signature cards in the closing packet. On top of that, Swede isn't allowed to open a new checking account without a 'by your leave' from her company. Some SEC rules in effect there. One call to the president of the CU from our lender cleared that up like a zit on prom night.

We closed with Stewart Title in Houston. In the same building where Daddy Bush works. Funniest thing, I couldn't get a cell signal out of that building for the life of me. Should have put my tin foil hat on. The escrow officer was running around like the proverbial headless poultry. Kept going on and on about how she was so backed up with closings today and making excuses to us. "How's that our problem?" my wife asked the realtor when her back was turned. I agree. I fail to see how her little problem was going to delay my closing. Of course, we were the only people there that had our shiite wired together. Only a couple of problems overall and one page that didn't make the first fax to the lender. We also had everything ready a week in advance. The escrow officer kept mentioning that the other closings were still missing information.

Again, how does that affect me? Okay, then...STFU!

Power and phone are transferred over, and I am assuming that the gas and water are transferred to, because the stove works and water flows from the taps. Cable is coming back on Saturday because he was too lazy to break a sweat today. Electrician is scheduled for tomorrow, and we are going to have new GFI outlets laid out for him to install. We're going to Lowe's tonight for a new reefer to be delivered this weekend, too.

We move on Saturday with an extra stop at mom and dad's for some donated furniture. We're getting a solid oak entertainment center. Thankfully it is sectional. I know, cuz I moved that sum-bitch twice. It is a heavy mofo! By Saturday evening, Swede and I will be all moved in and just have to unpack the boxes. We made it easy on the movers and placed most of the boxes in the garage dowstairs. That should save them some time.

After that, we can take our sweet time to clean out the apartment. I paid the last month's rent yesterday and the phone is already off. Power is transferred on the 30th.

Finally heard back from my gun guy. He is getting me a good deal on Swede's Kimber, and shopping prices on my Rock River. He even gave me Arsenal/Global Trades Inc., as a source for my AK's. Anyone know if Arsenal is any good? From what I gathered, their receivers are thicker and the entire gun is built a bit better overall. My other choice for an AK was Century, but I have heard from others to stay away from them. Heck, I don't know which end is up with them, so I will do some more shopping before I am ready. The gunshow is next weekend, so I hope to pick up my shorty Mossberg there. Heard tell the gun shows' prices were closer to cost than the retail places. Things are coming together, and the weather couldn't be nicer. With the cooler temps, the grass won't grow as much, but I will have a couple of rounds with the new lawnmower before year's end.

I have a couple of small projects lined up around the house over the next couple of weeks. Need a compost pen set up so I can do some natural fertilization for my garden. We need to weed and resod the flower beds around the house. I also have to get cracking on a vegetable plot in the back yard. That will take some work. Swede will probably have me do some touch up painting around the house and washing down the scuffs and dirt from the walls. She also wants to paint the hallway.

My big problem is that there is no real room for a gun vault. I mean absolutely no room. Not one inch of closet space, secure office, or hidden panel access. Nada, zip, zilcho! I may bite the bullet and put one in the office, but what happens when I have kids? That house isn't big enough. My only other thought is a false panel in a closet. Has anyone ever tried such a thing? I don't have an established collection with numerous longarms, so this might work. I could hang the rifles and shotties on pegs horizontally, or, given enough space, vertically in a rack system. I could be really snazzy and have some shelves made for one side to hold pistols and other accessories.

Once I figure it out, I will get right on it. This will be a good excuse to buy new tools, too. Need a whole bunch of stuff for my workbech.

If I regain consciousness from the move, I'll let you know how it goes.

Peace out, Homies!!!

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hammer said...

I replaced my office closet door with a heavy one and installed a heavy dead bolt where the door knob should go. There was no way to get a gun safe up the stairs.

Congrats on the house!