The Changing of the Guard

Well, it has been a while since the Dems were in control. Everyone is saying people are tired of the Repubs not doing much. I agree, they did nothing to save themselves. Shot in the foot is more like it. The scary thing is, by all accounts, we may be looking at a new AWB with no sunset in the first 100 hours of the new session. Very scary. Every time I read about a new AWB, I get an upset stomach. No lie. As I write this, I am feeling queasy. Everyone is running around saying we need to stock up on all the hi-cap mags and evil black rifles we can before the libs sink their claws into the 2nd Amendment.

I am making plans to get things done very soon. I think I can get the Kimber easy enough for Swede. I'm not worried about the shotguns either. I figure they will be around and easier to get than my planned evil black rifles. I found a guy in Houston who is an authorized Rock River Arms dealer. I need to call my guy about that. I have narrowed it down on the RRA AR. I'd definitely like an A4 with 16"bbl. S.I.R.S. rail on it with flip up front and rear sights. The sooner he could get one for me, the better. I don't have the budget now, but I hope to have a 6.8 SPC upper (maybe a Barrett??) added to my collection.

I also found a neat 9mm carbine, the Lusa A2, through SGN. Isn't that the coolest EBR (Evil Black Rifle) you've ever seen? I am totally stoked about this thing. I think it would make a great plinker when we work with carbines on Tac Tuesdays. Nine mil is cheap and I could save money when shooting that thing. One of the local gun shops carries them for little over the MSRP. What they're asking for the JLD PTR-91 is a bit steeper than I thought. May have to mull that one over a bit, or check out the gun shows for something a bit cheaper. I don't plan on skimping, I really want the JLD variant.

As for my AK dreams. May have to settle for one based on the cost of the other guns on my list. Not to worry, I can make do. Maybe I can get lucky and score a cheaper WASR and make that my little hobby gun. You know...re-barrel, work the action some, new furniture. If I can get to a gun show ASAP, I think I can get one. One of the other shooters in the Tac Tues. group picked up an Armory USA AK at the last gun show. Pretty reasonable price for a side-folder with black furniture.

I am also happy to report that I should have a new Comp-Tac thigh rig ready in time for me to get to the lease this season. Instructor Greg promised to make one for my Springfield XD with a light attachment. He uses the SERPA leg plate and Safariland thumb-breaks and builds a holster around those parts. I called Safariland and they are sending over two thumb-breaks this week. Just have to wait and see. Yippee!!

Gotta go finish unpacking now. Later

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