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Do you think that a new AWB (Assault Weapons Ban) is imminent now that the Dems control the House and Senate?

I was thinking about the Dems as I waited my turn for the shower this A.M. I really don't think they have the stones to try and pass an AWB this term. For one thing, they don't hold a great majority over the House and Senate. Also, there are a couple of pro-gun Dems that could mess with things, too. As I understand it, the Dems also don't have the 2/3 majority to override a presidential veto, either. The Republicans would probably scream bloody murder as their constituents raised hell. A lasting ban would probably see face time with SCOTUS. The NRA, VPC and Brady Bunch would headline that act.

It doesn't look good for a ban in the next two years. Why commit political suicide this early in the game. The scales have shifted in the Dems favor, and they have the opportunity to effect some real changes and capitalize on key Repub missteps. If I were a Dem, I would wait until we have the majority AND a Dhimmicrap POTUS. Why risk being vetoed by a lame duck?

We should be able to breath easier right now. Sure, AWB may rear its ugly head soon, but I believe there will be no true reason to worry now. We should be busy helping the gun companies relieve themselves of all that inventory so they can work on building a fresh inventory up for the coming rush.

What will be on the chopping block for the new AWB? I have not the foggiest on earth. My little brain pan cannot fathom the intricacies of 2A politicking. You may have to get with the heavy hitters on this topic. I can only fathom a shallow guess based on current life experience. Way back when the hick was in the Oval Office and his wife was in power, I could have cared less about the AWB. I didn't own any evil black rifles, and didn't have the scratch to buy any. I was more concerned with my burdgeoning radio career and any woman of the female persuasion wearing tight jeans and a smile (country radio, mind you). I was also focused on a single shooting discipline (collegiate rifle team), and hunting. It wasn't until I started working towards my Texas CHL that I even realized there was another world of guns waiting for me.

Getting back on track, I think hi-cap mags will go first. EBR's will definitely have some problems, too. AK and SKS types might go the way of the do-do in These United States. You're definitely going to be seeing some "you can't have it because we believe it is not inteded for legit sporting purposes" language that will kill any future hopes of purchasing AR's, .50 BMG's and any semi-auto high cap mil-surp gang-bangin' cop killer guns. Picatinny rails? Bayonet lugs? Anyone wanna take bets that those will be on the chopping block. Don't forget folding and collapsible stocks. Pistol grips, too.

Oh, I'm sure those granola crunchers from Kalifornia will try and enact the micro-stamping legislation and so-called "smart gun" technology. Better think again. The technology isn't there yet, and won't be for a while. Someone's gonna find a way to defeat it anywho, so why try to implement something that will get an innocent homeowner killed while looking for the magic doohickey to unlock his Kimber while his daughter, MaryJaneRottenCrotch, is getting gang-banged in the next room. Those Hollywierd types have been too busy believing all the magic movie crapola being spoon fed to them by Susan Sarandon and her ilk. Movie magic only resides in the minds of screenwriters and directors. The same people who are in their 30's playing D&D, Warcraft and Doom while living in mom and dad's basement in Encinita.

If certain types of guns are outlawed, then we will see mass buy-back programs funded by the feds. Screw you guys, I am going to start a gun hide out program funded by my backyard and Lowes. What's worse is that they could push a federal licensing and registration program. If you are gonna license anything, federalize the Concealed Carry Permit. That way, you have a national standard for training and licensing that will all but eliminate the guesswork when it comes to who really should and should not have a gun in their possession.

I know, that goes against the right to keep and bear arms and all, but I am only hypothesizing here. From what I have seen and read, the Texas CHL could be the best model to go by. I am sure there are other state licensing plans in effect that could be better, or improved, but by and large Texas has the best one. It is strict, fair and takes the final decision away from individual county sheriffs and local LEOs. In fact, all states should be that way. Put it in the hands of your State Patrol and take the power from the sheriffs with a political axe to grind.

I can see the argument now. Anyone who recently purchased a gun through a store or gun show that has paper attached to it will be subject to mandatory registration of their firearms. Those of you with unpapered guns will be a little more fortunate as the gov't will probably recommend you do the right thing and register...because they want to know who you are and don't know where you live......yet. It may get very VERY hard to try and hide weapons.

Whatever the case may be, we are going to be looking at some lean times when AWB rears its ugly head. Good luck and Gawd Bless each and every one of you when it comes down.


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