Okay, so my lunch break wasn't all that long today. In fact, it was too damn short. Still waiting by the mailbox for an important piece of mail and have to go by the apartment every couple of days to check. I'm hoping it is in the mail today at the house.

Anyway, I decided to hit a local gun store to see if they had a couple of guns on my Christmas list. Fortunately, they did, but if it weren't for the illegal border crossing brigade booger hooking all the ComBloc weapons next to my ear I would have spent more time jawing with the clerk. You could tell there was a pending straw man purchase in there somewhere. The clerk wasn't buying it and neither was I. One english speaking latino with five of his buddies who did-no-speakie. He had the pocket FULL of cash and was asking all the questions. Actually, he was translating for his friends.

I bailed before they tried to muster up enough courage to fill out the 4473.

I was able to fondle the Lusa A2 carbine and the PTR-91K, too. Great looking guns, lemme tellya. I was able to play with an A2 at the last gunshow. That one had the collapsing stock tied shut and the fake 6" barrel on it. I didn't get the full benefit. Today I played with the stock, racked the action a couple of times, field stripped it with permission, and hefted it with the faux suppressor on. This thing has about a yard of 'not'-suppressor over a legal length barrel. It comes with a display barrel of all but about 6". I am assuming that is for display and storage purposes. According to the history in SGN, I think that may also be for historic purpose, too. The sad thing is that it only comes with one mag. These mags are proprietary, and you cannot find them next to your Wilson Combat single stacks, either. Lusa USA can sell you extra, but at a price. I have heard they are modeled after the Uzi magazine, but don't think that Uzi mags will work...even with modification.

I handed the A2 back so I could fondle the PTR-91K. This is the HK G3 clone by JLD Enterprises. They are using all original tools and plans from HK for this weapon and adding their own touches. For instance, they have different forend and stock options including the CAR collapsing stock, G3 collapsing stock and a fixed or side-folding stock. They only had the G3 style collapsing stock, a.k.a. 'the jaw adjuster'. I was kinda hoping this one had the rails on the forend, but had to make do with a ventilated foregrip. It balanced well and I had a good cheek weld. I can only dream about what a 100 or so rounds will do to my face and shoulder.

Just like an AR, the PTR-91 can have different furniture and upgrades installed with little or no fuss. I just might put a fixed stock on it with a bipod and scrounge up a scope mount for it. I don't think rails would help except for a bottom and top rail. One for a bipod and the other for a forward mounted scope like an Aimpoint or EOTech. Wish in the right hand and crap in the left....right now the left is pretty full. I am still waiting on a couple hundred more dollars to come into my account so I can roll in and get all the guns pretty quickly.

I thought more about the AR-15/M4gery from Rock River, too. With taxes and all that due on the guns, I decided to keep away from the S.I.R.S. mount for right now. I will price out the rifle with a basic rail platform and flattop with flip-up sights and without. I really want a Vortex flash suppressor, but don't want to wait if I cannot get one right away. There is one company in town that is a sole RRA distributor and I have yet to make a call for prices. They do have the mid size CARs available, but I did see the same guns at lower cost during the last gunshow. Gonna have to keep that in mind when I buy.

I need to count my pennies closely because I only have a specific budget to buy. I hope to spend the remainder on mags and a couple extra goodies for the AR. Things are coming along nicely here. Give it some more time, and be patient and I can clear out my wish list before the Holiday season hits.


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