Gobble Gobble

Ya'll have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Be thankful for all that you have and for the friends and family that surround you.

Swede and I will be taking my in-laws to Navasota for some down-home cooking on the farm. Gonna enjoy the heck out of that. Then we chuck them out the door on Friday for their flight back to Sweden. Meanwhile, I will be working all week long except Thursday. Silly me, I burned all my vacation on a trip to Sweden over the summer. Phooey!

No worries, I just picked up a new gun today and will be trying it out at the lease. I went to a local candy store and picked up one of these. I mentioned this in my last post, and am well on my way to getting the others in hand. Now, if the clerk at the store didn't mistake the Lusa mags for Uzi ones, I'd be really set.

Just spoke to my gun-guy, and he just placed the order for my JLD Enterprises PTR-91KF. We looked around and found this little gem through an outside dealer. He's getting it at a MUCH BETTER PRICE than the candy store. This one is a bit different than the model in the store. This one is a fixed stock, 16" barrel with all black furniture and a ventilated forend. JLD calls this one a LEO model. I hope it is stamped that way when I take it out of the box on Tuesday.

Also spoke with John at Class 3 Weapons in Houston. Found them through the Rock River Arms website. He is a very personable guy and really helpful. Found what I wanted for a base AR platform and he said not to worry if it is sold out from under me. He gets plenty like that all the time.

Last on the list is the AK. Gun Guy and I are gonna try and go to the Global Trades shop and see what they can build for me.

This holiday season is going to be pretty busy for me. I have lots of guns to shoot and a whole lotta time to shoot them. I will let you know how they shoot and try to get some pics posted.



Anonymous said...

That is a sweet looking little carbine! I'm jealous.

The ptr91kf looks like my CETME which I love. I hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as I do.

shooter said...

Played around with the Lusa yesterday. My Blackhawk single-point sling barely attaches to the sling loop on the gun. Gonna have to rectify that. I also saw they have a rail attachment on the website. That gun will be nicer with a red-dot on it, donchathink?

I'll get all the enjoyment out of those guns as long as my wife don't find them...yet. Hers is on order and going to be three months before I can get it.