Question for ya II...

Does anyone around here have experience self-applying Dura Coat to a weapon? If not, do you have a recommended smith who does that type of work?

I cannot decide if I want to coat my AR or AK. I thought about doing the AK-47 when I get it after seeing the latest cover of Shotgun News. That Bulgarian from Arsenal looks nice in a digital pattern. Is it really worth it, however, as a useful coating, or as a showpiece?

No range reports yet. I haven't had the chance to pull out the Lusa for a test run. I did manage to dig out my Blackhawk sling and see if it fits the attachment on the gun. No joy. I am gonna have to fashion up something out of 550 cord or even a key ring. I did that with the Mossberg and it seems to work fine. My Mossie comes in a pistol grip set up and I haven't put the CAR stock and sling adaptor yet. I threaded a key ring I had lying around and it works great as a sling attachment. To prevent scratching the surface, I am going to see if I can wrap it in 550.

Gun Guy told me the PTR-91 should be in by Monday or Tuesday. I am gonna have to get a safe real soon with all these guns coming into the house. Right now, both the Mossie and Lusa are sitting in their respective cardboard cases. Very well hidden, I might add. Swede doesn't know what is on my shopping list, and would flip out if she knew. I think it is best to break her in gently with the guns so she doesn't divorce me due to sticker shock. Her's is on a three month back order, so that gives me time to bring the rest home before I hear her say no. Better to let them just show up in the gun safe as my dad always told me. Sorta like mom and her shoes. New pairs of heels would just show up in the back of her closet in the same way. Funniest thing.

We ended up having a nice Thanksgiving dinner at our friend's farm in Navasota. Turkey, pork tenderloin, wild pheasant, stuffing, rolls, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, the works. And about five different pies and one bottle of Jack Daniel's Single Barrel. MMMMM BOY! That was a full meal.

Swede's mom didn't have any allergy problems this time around. Bless her heart, last time we went to the farm, she came down with a migraine fit to bust the Hoover Dam. She slept for over 18 hours. The in-laws took it all in and had a great time. Maybe next time there will be horses to ride.

This was also the first time that the Shooter clan was together for a complete holiday meal. Both my sisters were able to be with us instead of one of us having to work or be elsewhere with other family members. Didn't get to see all of the farmer's clan, but that is okay. His daughter and her husband went to the DFW area to see his relatives and do some hunting. Farmer's son finally showed up with his blushing new bride. She is about six months along with their first child, and looks just like his mother.

Dad and I decided to head down to the lease tomorrow instead of this evening. Better to be fresh and ready as opposed to rushed and tired. We are gonna stop by the range and sight in before getting an afternoon hunt in. He re-did the loads for my .30-06 and has yet to sight his 7mag in. He put the 7mm in a Harris custom synthetic stock and loaded a monster piece of German glass on top. That scope is so ridiculously big that you can count the nose hairs on astronauts in space.

I am at work for the rest of the day. Pretty light traffic and my work load is fairly easy. Only had one customer in and I don't expect many more. Lunch is here now and I am starving for some pizza.


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