Three outta Six...

Ain't too shabby.

Gun Guy called and said my PTR-91KF is in. Gonna swing by and pick that up from him tonight. Just have the Kimber for Swede, my AK and an AR left to get and my list will be somewhat complete. Heading over to his house later. Now I get to see all the cool goodies he has stored in his closet.

I have been having some trouble with the house lately and found a neat little item while Googling around. I just ordered a 450gr. bag of desiccant to hang in my closet. As you can imagine, a house built around the mid-1950's has a few issues. One of those issues is a decent bathroom vent and proper ventilation flow from the HVAC system. Just another project to add to my list. I only realized there was a problem with humidity in my bedroom after seeing what guns I do own covered in a light coat of rust. That is an easy fix with some cleaner, lube oil and a toothbrush and rag. I have wrapped every handgun in an oil soaked rag and placed them back in their respective cases. I also put a small desiccant pack (from whatever place I scrounged them from) in each case. Don't know why, but I have a bunch of them lying around.

Humidity and condensation were thick in the mornings, but I just chalked it up to normal bathroom routine. The house seemed fine when I came home from work in the evenings. I started to leave the ceiling fans on in my room and the front bedroom so air could move through the house easier. I guess I'll put the desiccant bag in the back of the closet where everything is and hope that keeps things drier in there. I am gonna start scouting the gun shows for Pelican cases. I hear they are the bomb-diggity when it comes to keeping things dry.

I don't like cleaning rust off my guns. It is a pain in the 'fourth point of contact' (thanks LawDog) to spray, scrub and wipe off. It eats up valuable range time, too. I will have to work at eliminating the humidity and moisture from the house. At least keep it from a higher than normal level. I really don't want to hassle with mold remediation if I can avoid it. Does anyone here use a dehumidfier? Are there any other proven and tested methods for keeping moisture and humidity down in a house? Your thoughts would help.

Once I get the dry-bag in place and working, I will report back and let you know if it is working.

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Anonymous said...

I hear golden rod systems are good but there needs to be an outlet nearby.

You can recharge the dessicant packs in the oven on low.

The best dehumidifier I've seen is a window AC unit. It dries the air really well. Not sure if that is feasible.