...For cash as always. But that's another story.

I'm talking about holsters today. I was just thinking about getting my new thigh rig built today. I realize I have all the parts for it, but haven't gotten off my lazy butt to take it to Comp-Tac. The owner has graciously agreed to build a custom rig from a Blackhawk Serpa thigh plate, cannibalized pieces from a Safariland 6004, and his own special brew of kydex to make a retention holster bolted to the leg plate. There's enough room on the plate to have my Nimravus affixed, too. This is going to be the new camp holster for my Roscoe with the light attached. This will be easier for me to deal with unexpected bumps after dark, and I won't have to be concerned with my harries grip (sp?) or fumbling for a light in the blind.


I went today and picked up the RRA AR-15. The fine folks at Class 3 Weapons helped me settle on the right rifle. I got the Entry Tactical flattop with Dominator rear and gas block flip up front. He didn't have any SureFire quad rails in stock, so I settled on the basic rail platform.

They did a fine job and were very gracious. I was surprised that the owner's assistant didn't want me filling out a 4473. I have my Texas CHL, and know I don't have to submit to a NICS check. She almost had me convinced that I didn't need to fill out the form alltogether. Since we were of opposing views on this, I erred on the side of caution and filled the form out. I know dealers are supposed to keep records and can have them inspected by the ATFu at any time, so I didn't want to cause any undue stress.

As it was explained to me by the sales rep, she spoke with an ATF inspector and one of the NICS operators who both informed her that having a CHL omits the requirement for filling out a 4473 and doing the phone call. Since I have recent experience and the CHL, I was pretty sure I needed to fill out the 'white form' and leave it at that. If this is a new mandate from ATFu, then so be it, but I want to see something in writing before I walk out the door with another gun.

Now, I have what I need. Almost. There's still the issue of Swede's 1911. Gun Guy has been giving me weekly updates, and I have been telling him not to worry over it. "Just call me when it comes in," I say to him every time. The AK-47 will also work itself out. I may end up getting a stock Arsenal AK and work on it as I get around to it.

Each gun will be a small project in and of itself. Starting with the Mossberg, I need a CAR stock, side saddle, sling adaptor and sling. A Surefire foreend light is high on the wish list for the Mossie, but not necessary, yet.

The PTR-91KF is only in need of extra mags. I saw a slew of 20 rounders at the last gun show for $5 apiece. That gunshow was such a waste that I left in disgust. There will be others, and I might catch a break. Need a sling for this one, too, and that's about it. Again, high on the wish list is a quad rail foreend and some small optics. Maybe an Aimpoint. I might want to tinker with different stock variations like a collapsing stock or side-folder.

The Lusa is about ready to rock. I just picked up some extra mags the other day. I saw on their website that they offer a picatinny rail for the top of the gun. I cannot find pics of the gun with the rail, but assume it may require a bit of professional gunsmithing to install. Sling. Again. If I manage to get the rail on top, a good red-dot eye piece would be nice to have.

Well, ya'll know about my plans for the AR. Goodness, where to begin. I could pretty much leave well enough alone for now, but that's not my style. Sling/adaptor. Again. Maybe a skeleton stock. Definitely want an A.R.M.S. S.I.R. rail mount with a GG&G flip up rear. Surefire foreend grip light is high on the list. Extra mags, duh! EOTech glass on top co-witnessed to the iron sights. After that, anybody's guess. I will definitely have different uppers a'la my 'golf club AR theory.' Maybe pick up a couple extra lowers so I don't have to switch out with everything all the time. You'll definitely see more about 6.8SPC and fancier long range shooting on this platform. For now, I will get it where I want it for defense and as a 3-gun competition gun.

That only leaves that missing AK from my collection. First, I need to buy the damn thing. I will probably just buy a stock Arsenal AK. No frills, no fuss. Now, say it with me, "Sling. Again." Lots of extra mags. Again, duh!! I did see a neat quad-rail from Surefire that would look very nice on the front. Put a high output foreend grip light on front with an EOTech or comparable scope on top. I thing this one will definitely be a side folder.

That leaves me with the next task of getting a decent safe to store this gaggle of guns in. That, and build a supply of ammo up. Bulk ammo can be had, for a price in some circles, but available nonetheless. I guess I can get a base supply going and then work from there. As the opportunity presents itself, I can add to the stockpile from gunshow and internet purchases. I'll eventually invest in a reloading system for more precision from my hunting calibers. That will save on cost.

I also need a couple of ways to tote all my crap around. I'm talking about tac vests and mag holders and whatnot. I like the Eagle Industries Rhodesian rig. That could definitely come in handy for an AR/AK chest harness. I don't plan on going all out, but I do need to find a place that has decent mag pouches for G3 clones. Each rig will act as the base for each weapon system. Man, Swede is gonna be pissed when she sees my closet after those purchases. Blackhawk and Diamondback Tactical also have some nice load bearing equipment. Problem is, they are on the pricier side. I also don't put a lot of stock in Blackhawk's gear. I dunno, something about them screams 'commercial and too generic.' I could be wrong. The Blackhawk stuff I do have has held up nicely and works very well. Diamondback has great stuff, but I am not too thrilled with their customer service. I ordered some Patagonia gear last year and it took about three months for them to get the order right. They were gracious enough and helpful, but what chapped my frosty ass was the empty promises of when the back ordered items would be sent out.

Gun cases. I almost forgot about the gun cases. I'd like a decent Pelican two gun case for travel. That way I could pack my deer rifle and a separate coyote gun for a weekend at the lease. Most everyone at the range has some camoflauged apparatus to tote their worldly possessions to and fro. Some guys carry their AR in a simple gym bag, and others use something a bit longer like a baseball bat bag or tennis racket bag. Since Swede is the tennis pro, I may rely on the tennis bag approach.

Geez, it just struck me that there is so much more stuff to contend with with these guns. I want to do everything right, and have all the right gear for each weapon. Vests, slings, rails, ammo, etc. et. al. The thought occured to me that I may be investing in a bunch of ammo cans and Rubbermaid storage bins. That may not be a bad idea. At least it would keep my gear organized and out of Swede's hair. Then, I could just grab a box and go as needed.

Man, my brain is hurting. Gonna go make some lists and see where this ends up.



Anonymous said...

No more 4473 for a CHL holder?

Hmmm I'm going to buy a gun tommorrow and see.

Anonymous said...

It is the discretion of the dealer whether or not a 4473 NICS check is run for CHL holders. In short, the 4473 form must be completed by the purchaser and the CHL number entered into the dealers "book". With a CHL, NICS approval is not required by law.
You purchased a very nice rifle. I appreciate your business and hope you enjoy it. You will never regret purchasing a Rock River Arms rifle.


PS: I should be Surefire authorized by the end of the year. Let me know what you are looking for and I will see what I can do.