Hey kids, what time is it?

It's time for the Story Guy!!!! YAY!!!!!!

I just had a thought, and I am a little bit hesitant to act on it. You see, I have been working on a short story for some time. I don't know if it is any good, but those who've seen it like it. Well, those that read the story are my wife, mom and a couple of close friends. At least two of those people are willing and able to tell me if it sucked. They haven't. So, that leads me to believe I am on to something here. I have tried to work it into the start of a novel, but stalled out at the start of what I think is the second chapter.

I went through Stephen King's "On Writing" after I started and thought, "WOW! I need to revise this thing." I did and feel better about the whole structure of the story.

My question to you is, if I post it here, will you laugh at me, or offer up some decent and honest criticism? I'd rather the three readers who check in tell it like it is instead of blow smoke up my skirt.

I won't post it unless one of you three shows a bit of interest. Give me some honest feedback if I do it.

I did post a bit of fiction back in the early days of this blog and some of you liked it. This story, however, is such a bigger commitment of time and energy, and may go even further, that I am very hesitant to show it until I finally complete it. I guess I really need some other, almost anonymous, input in order to decide if I continue.

let me know.



Anonymous said...

I'd be interested in reading it.

AlanDP said...

I won't laugh. I've exposed my own attempts at fiction to the light, so I know how you feel.

GunGeek said...

Go for it. I've never been known to hold back on either compliments or criticisms. I'm no literary critic or anything. To paraphrase "I don't know what good writing is, but I know what I like".