Just Slap Me Dead!

Cuz someone should have mentioned this to me a lot sooner.

I will have been with this bank for five years in early January. One year as a teller and four as a personal banker. Finances and timing have prevented me from pursuing a post-bac education to advance inside the bank. I only need 9 more hours of accounting classes to enter a junior lending program. I really haven't saved all that much for school, and the bank's reimbursement is a total joke. Swede and I got into a contract for a new house at the start of the fall semester and that killed my plans for school this time around. I have registered at the local community college and am hopeful that I will get the required accounting hours by next Christmas.

The bank put on its annual Christmas 'pat on the back' awards ceremony this week. I, of course, was volunteered to make a fool of myself in front of the CEO and other bank dignitaries. Mention you were in broadcasting or worked for Mickey Mouse and you are volunteered for life. Anyway, I was talking to some friends in the 'program' about their experiences so far and general chit-chatting when they gave me some unsettling news. It seems that the bank now wants their junior lenders with a business degree along with the required accounting. Uh-oh! Danger Will Robinson! Danger! Danger!

This looked to be the death knell for my efforts. I resolved to talk to my branch's senior lender the following day about this. Talking with her is what my supervisor has been pushing me to do, but she is never in the office long enough for me to corner her.

So I find my opportunity in the break room on Thursday and have her cornered. I'm not easily intimidated by people, but have heard things in passing that make me a bit hesitant to speak with her. I usually do anything she requires with the help of her assistant and never really speak to her. Boy, was I misinformed.

She set me straight about the program and how our market president has the same requirements as before. Nothing changed and no need to worry. What really pissed me off is what she related to me about some of the other lenders have been saying behind my back. Nothing bad at all, but when I heard it, I was pissed. She stated that some of the other lenders, whom I respect greatly, have been talking amongst themselves about me and why I haven't gone into the program yet. She listed off a few names and stated that they all thought I would be a great candidate for this.

Why aren't these guys coming up to me and kicking me in the ass? Shiite Muslim!

That pissed me off. Now, I am more resolved to finish this and join the program. Gonna have to buy more suits though.

My branch lender even gave the scoop on the salary requirements. That was the icing on the cake for me. Nothing like doubling your salary inside of two years when you enter the program. Three months paid training at our home branch. Work for about two years with the different lenders as mentors. From what I understand, they are serious whip crackers. That doesn't phase me. I understand that the more you do and the further you go in a chosen career path, the work will get harder and the hours will seem longer. Do it right and the work will seem a lot easier.

Of course, you know what double salary means to me? Right? More guns in the gun vault. That is after Swede gets a hold of my paycheck.

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