A long flight, and another one!

So I remember another one dad related to me some time back. He was flying along in his C172 back from a trip to New Mexico or Colorado. Don't exactly remember where, but he was flyfishing...without me...the bastard!

Anyway, he hears a call on the radio for a plane flying at X altitude and at such-and-so intersection. Well, he checks his charts (pre-GPS days) and realizes they are calling him. Apparently, the boys in blue down in White Sands, or wherever the heck they were, were tracking him with some newfangled toy they just unwrapped.

He answers back and the Radar Op asks if he could fly at a certain altitude and specific heading.

Dad: "Sure, flight level X at heading Y."

This goes on for a while and dad finally asks what they were doing. The bright and eager radar op cheerily chimes in, "We're testing a new missile defense tracking program and you are the target."

Dad: "You sure you're just testing it, right?"

Radar Op: "Yessir, just working out the tracking bugs."

Dad: "Just the bugs, huh? Well, then what's that plume of smoke and contrail I see at my seven o'clock?"

RO: "OH SH*&"

Dad: "Gotcha! Cessna 59 Echo Kilo is clear of the area. Have fun with your new toy, boys."

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lol you're dad has a great sense of humor.