Where'd who gooooo?

Just read a tidbit over at Kit's blog. Funny little tale about an SR-71 sled driver putting a Navy throttle jockey in his respective place.

Reminds me of a flying story my dad related to me. Way back when, he had a private pilot license. He was pretty highly rated. Could've flown jumbo jets given the chance.

Anyway, he flew up to Amarillo for a trial one day in his Cessna 172. He was flying VFR (visual flight rules) and talking to Amarillo Center for flight following. I don't remember where exactly he said he was, but dad was at FL9 (9,000 ft. altitude) and saw a speck in the sky from the west.

Dad: "Amarillo center, Cessna 59 Echo Kilo, I have traffic at my 9 o'clock moving pretty fast. Any factor?

Amarillo Center: "Cessna 59 Echo Kilo, copy contact, no factor.

Less than a minute later: "Amarillo, 59 Echo Kilo, same traffic is now at my 10 and hauling ass. Can you identify for me?"

AC: "Cessna 59 Echo Kilo, we have the traffic, cannot identify. Over."

This unknow flying object blew past dad like he was a bug on the wall at turn 4 of Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It passed well over his head and no closer than five miles of separation. Before dad could blink, the plane was gone.

"Amarillo Center, 59 Echo Kilo, whatever it was just just blew past at over Mach 2. Are you sure you can't identify it?"

AC: "Sorry Echo Kilo, we don't keep track of anything over Flight Level 50."

My dad later found out from an airdale flying B-1's that, indeed, the SR-71 was up at that specific time and location doing it's best impression of light speed. The airdale wouldn't cough up the altitude, but was surprised that dad was able to pick it out as high as it was.

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