Is that even possible?

Thanks for all the visits, guys. Thanks to you, I've graduated to "Crawly Amphibian" in the TTLB ecosystem. I thought I'd never move up in the standings.

Glad to see that Sitemeter is working to spec. Getting lots of visits from all over. Welcome to all, especially my Scandinavian brethren. Although I can't help you with your search on "flyfishing shemagh," I can discuss finer points on flyfishing in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, and Wisconsin. That, and I can show you nifty pictures of me wearing my 'Dirka Dirka' scarf...whenever I get around to posting more pics.

Gonna go play with my new iPod 80Gig. Just picked it up and have been busy loading my CD collection into iTunes. Man! What a pain in the fourth point that is.

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