Hey Neighbor

Won't you be my neighbor?
That gray blotch in the middle of the pic is a small owl that has taken residence in a 15' tree trunk not six feet from my back door. Swede and I came across his mate a few nights back snacking on a small mouse in the backyard. I figured out where they were nesting when I was out cooking on the grill. Seems they have an aversion to the giant flood light next to their front door. Flipping burgers on the grill, I was buzzed by both of them as they headed off to their happy hunting grounds.
It sucks that they are nesting there. We have been planning on removing that tree for some time. It is dead and almost certainly infested with termites. Probably what keeps the woodpecker glued to the other side of the tree all day long. We're pretty sure they have eggs up there. Once they hatch and the young have left the nest, I plan on taking down the tree.
In the meantime, we have taken lots of photos as they peek out of the nest in the early evening. We sit out after a long day at work and wait for them to pop their heads out. Swede insists on taking the photos. I tell her she is becoming a regular Marty Stouffer. "Who's that?" she asks. Nothing to do but laugh and wait for the aerial display. I tell ya, this is the cheapest form of pest control out there.
Not to worry, I do plan on putting up an owl nest on one of the other 'live' trees before I take down this one.
In the meantime, does anyone have an idea on what to name this evening hunter?

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Anonymous said...

Paul Mouser?