Getting Better

Finally able to take some steps to improve on my 'arsenal.' Picked up a GG&G flip-up BUIS for the RRA AR-15 yesterday. Any excuse to get to the range to shoot. Looks pretty good, too. Now all I need is a decent optic on top that'll co-witness with the iron sights and I'll be set. Just have to scrape the pennies from under the couch for that Aimpoint I want.

I have a light on there as well. I cannibalized the light from my Nighthawk air pistol. I won't know until I really wring out the rifle if that light will hold. I figure it will do in a pinch until I melt enough pennies down for a SureFire M900(?) grip light.

I guess it is time for some gun pr0n. I'll see about some pictures this weekend.


Cowboy Blob said...

It's Tuesday...where's the pics? :)

shooter said...

it also happens to be a return from a three-day weekend with a summer cold. Bear with me, young 'un. I'll get to those pics when I am a might good and ready.