Schumer Time in 100 Words or Less

Jim Rawles over at Survivalblog had an interested writing exercise the other day. In 100 words or less, tell why someone should let you into their survival retreat. Be sure to list any and all applicable skill sets, equipment carried (100 pounds or less), and any injury, allergy, illness, etc. that would make you a liability to the camp.

I don't know about you, but I couldn't limit myself to 100 words. I can't shut up when I talk about myself. You guys know that. One Hundred Pounds of equipment? Forget about it. If I have 200 pounds of equipment I feel I cannot live without, I will find a way to bring it with me.

About the only skills I have are the following:

  • Amateur Radio Operator - I hold a Technician class license now and will upgrade to the General class license now that the Morse Code requirement is gone. I have a couple of mobile VHF/UHF radios and a couple of dual-band Handie Talkies. I can also build antennas out of available materials. I have emergency training through the Red Cross and Skywarn that is beneficial to message and traffic handling.

  • Bicycle Repair - I have access to a full set of bicycle repair and maintenance tools including a work stand. I have experience patching tubes, truing wheel sets, and chain maintenance. With help, I can manage more advanced repairs on cranksets and brake systems.

  • Firearms Instructor - I have been training and have helped train shooters in Pistol, Shotgun, and Carbine courses. I can instruct on the basic fundamentals and help design training protocols for new shooters and existing shooters. I can provide basic help in low-light, room clearing, hand-to-hand, and team tactics, but am NOT qualified to provide expert instruction. I know enough to get you started and hopefully keep you from catching the first couple of bullets coming your way.

  • Hunting/Fishing - Any man worth his salt living in the state of Texas knows how to hunt. Most of us know how to do it from the comfort of a box blind in South Texas. Others know how to stalk. I am fortunate enough to be able to do both. I have bow hunting equipment and a very accurate .30-06. I have no problem taking long range shots, or sneaking up on game. I can track fairly well, but don't actively practice the art. As far as fishing goes, I have worked as a commercial fisherman in Alaska, fly-fished through Colorado and New Mexico, and enjoy casting for Reds and Speckled Trout in the Gulf of Mexico. I can catch it, clean it, and cook it to your satisfaction. Nothing will go to waste.

  • Marksman - I was a competitive shooter in college and currently shoot at least twice a week. If I can see it, I can most certainly hit it.

  • Reloading - I have access to reloading tools and the proper manuals. Dad and I reload our own hunting ammo every year. Using the right combination of powder, case, primer and bullet, we can and have developed accurate loads for our rifles.

  • Carpentry/Electrical/Plumbing - I have basic experience in each of these fields. I am not afraid to learn new things and would be a willing and strong back for someone to use.

  • Cutlery - Give me a blade and I can sharpen it. I have seen enough and read enough to figure out how to craft my own blades through flintknapping and forging techniques as well.

I'll save the equipment list for another post. Gonna have to pare down from the 500# of accumulated junk in the garage.

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AlanDP said...

Your post inspired me to write up something on this at my blog. I don't know if I have any really valuable skills, though.