Flying Rhinocerous F*&$!!!

I don't give a 'Flying Rhinocerous F*&$' is the correct terminology. Got suckered into watching one of those Hollywood gossip t.v. shows on my lunch break. This is what happens when the deli delivery guy runs late, I miss the news. The talk of the town is all about Paris Hilton and her jail sentence. I don't care. She is serving the time, let her alone.

The hot topic of the day on this garbage show was whether or not she was allowed to keep her hair extensions while in lockup. As if this is important to me. These people have nothing better to do than follow this waste of a uterus around wondering if someone is going to rip out her weave and turn Paris into the prison ho. Got news for you in County, she's already been down that road. You might do better to catch a staph infection than catch what she's carrying.


Ambulance Driver said...

It would be kinda cool if she had to clean toilets all day and was cellmates with a 6 foot, 250 pound very butch lesbian named Big Ethel.

But yeah, I could care less.

Ever since Anna Nicole died, life just hasn't been worth living any more...


theirritablearchitect said...

"waste of a uterus"\

that is a new one on me.

I like it, though.

Ya might think about using it as a category for future posts.