Keep On Truckin'

I am sick and tired of working in the lobby at this bank. I am not tired of working at this particular bank, but just tired of the lobby. Right now, I am working on an opportunity to get out of the lobby and into a training program for lenders. I just heard the other day that the bank has re-vamped the entire program. Only five people are to be selected for each class, in each market. This makes a total of 10 people hired for the junior lending program every year (two training classes) in Houston. And I'd better have my grades UP! This piddly 2.5GPA I'm carrying is not going to cut it with the powers-that-be. They want 3.0 and better. Preferably better.

A lot of people have told me that this particular bank likes to hire from within. That is great. It makes my stock go up against the 250 some-odd applicants they interview every six months for the program. It makes my stock sink lower because I am considered a retail banker. There are several senior lenders who interview candidates who believe banks should not be in the business of 'retail banking relationships' but work for the commercial interests. I can see why they think that...it is where the real money is. Comparatively, I don't even clear a fraction of what their incentive is for one quarter. I don't even know if you can call my incentive a fraction of their fraction.

These people know me, know of me, or know my name indirectly. I am pretty positive they have heard good things about me from other people, and I am certain they have heard bad, too. I have a good feeling that the good outweighs the bad. I also have a couple of aces up my sleeve. Namely, some people who are crucial to the decision making process are people I call friends. We share a mutual joy in cycling and used to all work in the same branch. We are actually getting together later this weekend for a group bike ride in Brazoria County. They know my intentions and are completely supportive.

I did wait too long in making my play for the position. My sugar-daddy of sorts, Big Mike, has since retired after 30 some-odd years with the bank. I think there would be no contest if I made a move and he was still working here. He was the one who basically said "Hire this boy" when I first applied to the bank. They hired me. He even made $500 off of referring me. I know he's got some considerable pull with a couple of those nay-sayer senior lenders. He also knows my ambitions and goals. For all I know, he's already laid some groundwork to help me along.

I've reached the point in this position where it is not a job anymore. This is a boring and dreaded chore. It's like taking out the garbage, or doing laundry. I don't want to do it, but I have to. There are customers of mine that I truly love and enjoy working for. I still have others that I cringe to see walking in the door. One even caught me rolling my eyes at him. He was a jack-off anyway, just whining to get what he wanted.

Everyone reading this has been in this position in one fashion or another. Some people up and quit their job for greener pastures, others tough it out, and still others languish in cubicle hell and suffer miserably for it. I still have to suffer for a while longer. At least until I can get some money socked away and debts paid down. The chances of me finding a lending position that I like, will train, and offer a heft bonus that will clear my personal debts in one fell swoop are pretty slim. Oh yeah, it has to pay considerably better than the chicken-feed that I'm bringing home. Gotta pay the bills, ya know! I'll stick it out until I can find some breathing room. Continue to get some schooling. Never hurts the resume when they see 12 hours of accounting at a good GPA and even some finance or even Economics courses under your belt. Might go further to negotiating for a higher salary.

Just have to keep on truckin' to make the move. We've all been there and more of us will face the same dilema.

I'm a homebody. I don't want to move anytime soon. I like Houston, love Texas, and enjoy the people I work with. It's the job that is getting to me. That's all. Vacation is coming at the end of the month. I have a final that week, but will be glad to get out of town for the weekend after my final is over. Recharge the batteries and all. Get a fresh outlook on things and come back strong for the second half of summer. I'll keep you updated.

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