AD's got nuthin' on me!


Those same hellions that charged AD at the bell didn't expect me to come waltzing around the corner with a baseball bat and a set of jumper cables. I bitch slapped one kid so hard his momma's ovaries cried out in pain.

Wanna see my shiny new finger bone necklace?

When you fight me, there's no such thing as second place...only first loser.


CrankyProf said...

Are you an avatar of Chuck Norris or Dick Cheney?

shooter said...

Neither, for I am Chuck Cheney! MWAHHAHAHAHAHA!

Ambulance Driver said...

"Chuck Cheney."


And here I thought you couldn't top the finger bone necklace!

PS: Word verification: tbdgmniw

Wasn't he Jimmy Carter's National Security Advisor?