So, there I was, rocking out to Buckcherry's "Sexy Bitch" song on the way home last night. I was daydreaming about being the lead singer. Boy! What a badass I'd be!

Yeah, I could be a rock star....if I dropped 60 pounds and the cheese danish. Maybe a couple of tribal armband tats on the arms for 'street cred'.

You ever catch yourself thinking about life as a rock/movie/superstar?

I thought about it up until I realized my parents would have to hear the lyrics to this song. It stopped being fun then.


CrankyProf said...

Yeah. Actually listening to lyrics can crush hyour liking of a some. I made the mistake of listening to Uncle Cracker's "Follow Me" once.

The whole infidelity thing killed the song.

Winter said...

I'd so front a Phil Collins band..