Does anyone know the number to a good truck driving school?

It's been one of those days where I am the bug and life is the windshield. Took flak from a pissed off customer because his wire didn't get sent out before New Year's. Had to endure that POS for about ten minutes. Thankfully, the VP handling his account backed my version of events and told the customer to pound sand.

To top everything off, the bank may take a loss. This is where job security comes in, and I don't have any.

Here's the long and short of it:

Customer and wife get into argument. Customer beats said wife like a red-headed stepchild. Wife gets cojones and files for divorce. In the proceedings, she files for a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order). Because he is not allowed to close or move funds from checking accounts at banks (as outlined in the TRO), we were given notice by the wife's lawyer (who happens to be her son-in-law). A verbal agreement between our compliance ocifer and son-in-lawyer ensues stating that we will not close out his Certificate of Deposit. Funniest thing...CDs are not listed in the TRO or the Divorce Decree as items to be locked down and kept secure from closure by the husband.

There was a timeline of about five days between getting the original TRO and receiving instructions to close the CD and put it in a savings account. I got the information to complete this task on the sixth day. I was too busy to read through the email, and since I didn't see a specific name or account number, I held off until I had a moment to myself to complete that task. That moment came about three hours after the husband came to close the account. Had I seen something to the effect that this account needed to be locked down RIGHT NOW, I would have taken appropriate measures RIGHT NOW! Since I had no time at all to sit and stare at the email assigning this task, I had to put it on the back burner. Lord knows we don't want to upset the lil' ol' bluehairs opening up CDs on their way to the Sizzler for the morning buffet.

My question for the peanut gallery is this: Why am I about to be hung out to dry for failing to complete a task that should have been completed by the Compliance Ocifer's personal minion in the first place?

Why is he making a deal with the wife's lawyer regarding funds that we don't even know are community property or the sole property of the husband?

Why is he sending us this task FIVE DAYS after he got it? And does he not realize we are in the middle of a huge CD renewal project that has been going on for over two months?

I kid you not, today was the first day that I was able to take a full hour for lunch. Not one person in the lobby has been able to do so since before Thanksgiving. From 745am until 6pm, and some days even longer, we bust our rears to get these promotional renewals out the door and handle our usual workload of walk-in and phone call customers.

Insert your favorite 'busy' person cliche here: ______________________________

I'm still fuming about this whole ordeal. Don't know what's going to happen until Friday at the latest. Something about it stinks to high heck.

I'm just venting here. If you want to pity me, leave a comment. Thanks


HollyB said...

If CDs were not specifically mentioned in the TRO, it would seem to ME that is an oversight of the Son-in-Lawyer. What sayeth Shooter, Senior, the Attorney with the mostest?

CrankyProf said...

No, that shit stinks, and I'd document the Hell out of it -- more formally than in just this blog post.

Good luck.