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Did I tell you guys what I got for Christmas? No? Well doom on me!

Here's but a sample of some of its capabilities. Below are two tigers just having it out. Brothers they are, and they don't like sharing apparently. If you are ever in the wild, there will be no mistaking the noise these guys make. They are L-O-U-D!

These pics are all from my Canon Powershot G9. It is the latest and greatest point and shoot digital from Canon. I asked for this one specifically because it shoots in RAW mode which is great for capturing the best possible images, and gives more detail to work with when playing in Adobe or some such program. Problem is, I haven't worked out how to upload in the RAW format. Guess I have to convert to JPG and go from there. Oh well, as long as I have the RAW image to play with, I'm fine.

Every little ankle biter in the darn Zoo aquarium wanted to see Nemo. This little guy must be tired of kids banging on the glass yelling, "WAKE UP FISHIE!!! WHY ARE YOU SLEEPING!!!"

"Kwit staring, I'm pickn' my buttzez!"

Lot's of fun to be had with this camera. And just in time for baby photos, too. It has 12.1 MP, various auto and manual shooting modes, and lots of other cool features that will help me take some decent photos.

Who knows, I may even give Oleg a run for his money.

*blink* *blink*


Geez, I crack myself up sometimes!

I'm just a squirrel in his world. It's a good day of photography for me if I can remember to take the lens cap off.

I'm going to have lots of fun with this camera. And I'm going to be like your doddering old Aunt Myrtle and bore you to tears with photos and montages and slide shows of navel lint, the world's largest ball of twine, and in six more months, googley-eyed baby pics!

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Nice camera. It will sure keep you busy :)