Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

Happy Birthday to me!

Guess what the Birthday Fairy left on my front porch? Monster Hunter International, the acclaimed best-selling work by world renowned author Larry Correia.

I read the first 'sample' chapter and was immediately drawn into the story. Read the reviews on Amazon and have become excited by the buzz this one is generating. I really wish the best for Larry's success on this book. Wouldn't it be nice if he made it to the NYT Bestseller's list just by word-of-mouth and blogger reviews alone? Kewl!

My only gripe is that the patch that came with my pre-order wasn't velcro backed. Darn, I was gonna wear my new Crye Range Vest (Christmas gift from Swede)* to the lease with that patch on it. I can fix that with a visit to Ranger Joe's or Brigade Quartermaster for a velcro kit.

I am gladly going to post a review when I am through with the book. That may be later on tonight, if you're lucky.

**P.S. - If you are interested in the Range Vest from Crye Precision at all, I suggest ordering one now while you have the chance. Swede informed me that they are discontinuing the vest for some reason or the other and that they are only selling the stock on hand. No more will be made. I actually called them last week to order another one (one for my AR gear and another for my PTR-91KF gear).

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