Secret Agent Man

Found out today that a man who was shot and killed after a police chase in Houston was an acquaintance of mine.

I knew Roland Carnaby from time working and hanging out at Top Gun Range. He was a great guy and very friendly. I don't know if he was really a CIA spook, and I will let the Dale Gribbles of the world sort that one out. He alluded some past involvment to me before, but I took it with a grain of salt. I always thought he may have been some sort of analyst pretending to be a spy in order to prop himself up. Never knew if it was true, nor did I press the issue.

He was a nice enough guy, and I do pray for his wife and family. I just hope someone finds out the root cause as to why he ran from the cops and acted like he did to get shot. Paranoia, drugs, pod people took over his brain, CIA cover up...I don't know. Lots of people liked this guy, and a lot of people will now miss him.

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Anonymous said...

This was a terrible tragedy. Roland was a good friend and will be missed