Back In The Game

Started back to work today. Not in banking. Never again.

I started working with a friend of mine at his company. Good people and a decent product I can get behind. I'll be doing sales on a full commission, but I am not letting that worry me. The way things operate over there, I don't feel that I will be starving or unable to buy diapers for the little one.

Timing could be better. Swede called this AM after her latest doctor appointment. It seems the belly biscuit is bigger than we expected. Doctor asked when she wants to induce labor. We've got a couple of weeks to go before the actual due date and one more doctor visit on the agenda. I told Swede to pack her bag now so we don't get caught short with any surprises. At the rate we're going, chances are good she will have to be induced and the Belly Biscuit could come as early as next week.

That would make matters easier on me. I have a week of training scheduled up in Dallas. I'm slated to go on the scheduled due date for Biscuit. If Swede delivers early, then I will be okay to go, if not...then I have to wait until August for training. The bosses know this and are in my corner, but they don't want to prolong my training any longer than necessary.

Talk about nail biter. In the middle of our conversation today, Swede broke the news and I blurted a rather loud, "Holy S*^%!!!" Guess you can tell by that remark I am ready for baby's arrival. I guess we're never truly ready for the arrival of our first born. I know I want baby to make it into this world safely, but my biggest fear is what's going to happen after we leave the hospital?

Anyway, my first order of the day tomorrow is to sit at the SSA office and get a new Social Security Card. This company is a stickler for details. I am not kidding. I've pee'd in the cup, provided fingerprints, given my whole detailed work history going back to 1999 and cut off a pound of my flesh to get this job. For all that they've asked of me in the hiring process, I will be sure to give back ten-fold. Besides, I was hired before July 1...I qualify for the sales trip to Costa Rica with my wife next summer. Wish me luck!

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