Wouldn't Ya Know It!

I got nuthin' but crap to say about Springfield and their pistols today. Finally got the trigger return spring in the mail...because some people wouldn't take the gun in to repair it.

That's right, Roscoe got bent...again! Sixty rounds into my first ever IDPA match the trigger went click, gun went boom, but trigger make no *clicky* noises no more. I was fortunate to run into the range owner who happened to have a 9mm lower that I swapped onto my .40 to complete the match.

Now, since I am not that mechanically inclined. AND (a big 'and' here) I don't dare attempt to make repairs to something I may have to bet my life on. I have to shell the bucks to send this into a gunsmith to make the necessary repairs. We'll see.

This is grounds for a new pistol. I may have to...dare I say...go Glock. Actually, I have been having more fun with my Kimber Pro Carry II of late. I may just have to get into another 1911. The Swede has given her blessing and I am allowed to take the TLE/RL out of the packaging and run it if I feel. I really want to, but I have to get her a decent holster.

We'll see how the new fix to Roscoe works out. Next time I call Springfield, it will be to tell them I am sending their pistol back...never to be returned to me.

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the pistolero said...

Whoa, dude...sorry to hear that. I have two Springfield 1911s and love them both. Nothing but top-notch CS from the company as well. I'd like to think that experience was just an anomaly, but if I were in your shoes I'd be frustrated as hell, too.