Ike +7 Days Out

About damned time!!!

Been wondering when I'd ever get to a decent internet connection. Got lots to talk about since I last posted.

I want to pay a special thanks to Ambulance Driver for posting a status update for me. Our house lost power around 9:15pm Friday night. I had other things on my mind besides internet connections. I will have some incredible photos to share with you when I have power back at the house. These were taken in the field on the west side of the storm's footprint. Nothing we haven't seen before, but some unique stuff all the same.

When the smoke cleared (so to speak), I was able to get a crappy link to the internet on my iPhone and reach out to the first person I could think of. AD and I don't know each other very well. Just a couple of comments and links to blogs here and there. He's a stand up guy and has a heart of gold no matter what his Homeowner's Association says.

Thank you, sir, for taking time to help a fellow blogger out. As I mentioned, a fermented alcoholic beverage awaits the next time you are in Houston.

Like I said, we lost power around 9ish. Winds increased dramatically from that time. We were feeling the effects of Ike around 4, but the party really got started when we lost the power. I made a decision to get Windage into her bassinet in the living room. Swede and I bunkered there listening to my wind-up radio for storm reports. Landfall wasn't until 1or 2am. We were able to get about four hours of sleep before TSHTF. Once Ike made landfall, we were in his clutches. Winds and rain were dramatic. Branches were dropping and things were breaking all over. At one point, I thought I heard a tornado behind the house.

Turns out I was right. A small one hit behind the house and tossed some pine trees around.

We dozed on and off the rest of the night. Windage was a champ. She slept right through the worst of it. Even when one pine tree in our yard snapped and the big oak branch came crashing down in the back. I finally crawled out of the rack at 6am. Couldn't lay around and listen to the destruction anymore. Checked the house for leaks and poked my head outside a couple of times. Around 8, I was finally up and at 'em. Couldn't sit around anymore. My neighbor came knocking to inform me of the pine tree in the front. At that time, I got a good look out front to see his live oak in his next door neighbor's yard. We cranked up the chainsaws shortly and got to doing our best Leatherface impressions.

We spent the back half of the storm clearing that tree and two others that were blocking our street and clogging the drainage ditch on my side of the street. At one point, we were up to our waists in water working chainsaws on a live oak. I didn't believe it until now, but a Husqvarna chainsaw will operate underwater with the throttle wide open.

After that, I slept.

I've got a lot more to say. Some emotions running through me. Opinions on FEMA and my local government officials. Basic observations. And photos. Got some interesting photos to share.

I'll share more blogfodder with you when I have power restored. Gotta give credit to the line crews and tree trimmers. They are busting ass and getting the job done. Just wish the same could be said for the rest of the recovery efforts.

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