Just Heard From Shooter

Hey folks, Ambulance Driver here.

I just got word from Shooter that he, Swede and baby Windage (ain't that a cute nickname? Uncle AD picked it out himself!) are safe and sheltered with his sister west of Houston. The power's out and they have crappy cellular and internet connectivity right now, so he is unable to update y'all personally.

His house made it through Ike with little damage other than trees down in the yard. And, typical of the quality of the folks in his neighborhood, they were out clearing limbs and patching roofs for their neighbors and watching over the property of those who had evacuated long before FEMA got its ponderous butt in gear.

Shooter says he has renewed faith in the strength and compassion of his neighbors, and feels lucky to live among such folk.

He also said to tell the home owner's association that he promises to get that primered '74 Camaro off the cinderblocks in his front yard real soon.*

*Okay, I added that last part myself. He should know better than to give me the password to his blog. Srsly.

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