Next Round

So, I'm through the preliminary interview with HPD. That was a LOOOONG six hours of my life I'll never get back. Had to answer a lot more questions and in more detail than I thought. It is amazing what you start to remember when a prospective employer asks you for the specifics of your life.

Right now, I'm in the process of gathering up the rest of the documentation they require. I am waiting on Marquette to send my transcripts, and just ordered copies of another school transcript from one summer class I took between freshman and sophomore year in Houston. The credit report is forthcoming, too.

Once I have all the required paperwork in hand, I will sit for the next interview. We'll see where it goes from there.

I never did get to the physical agility test. Had to get my body composition test out of the way first since I was not within the height/weight guidelines on the department's website. I passed with 21% body fat. Guess the workout in the AM is paying off. I'm even down to 260# and feeling physically better. I'd like my runs to be more productive, but that will come later with more exercise and weight loss. I'd also like to get this kink out of my right leg. It's been annoying me since last week when we did two three mile runs back-to-back (thanks, Lifers, for the wrong information!). I took today off and gave my legs a rest. It seems to help today, and hope it helps tomorrow. We shall see.

As long as everything checks out, I will proceed from this next interview to the Agility Test, Psych Eval, Medical Eval, Polygraph and get approved for the academy. I don't know which academy date I will get into, but guess I'm right on time for the June academy.

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