Skinny Minnie!

WOW! All I can say after stepping on the scale this AM. I have dropped down to 254# from 270# since starting SEAL PT in the morning. That's 16 pounds since the beginning of February. Today, we completed a 4.6 mile run along with several hill sprints in the middle of it. I still walked a good portion of that run, but I didn't quit altogether.

I'm amazed at myself for being able to push through pain and push my body to new limits. Last week and the week before were the worst for me. Bursitis in my right knee almost forced me to quit the program. I muscled up, rested as much as possible, and kept at it. I took a couple of days off to rest when I felt the worst, but didn't stop. The bursitis is gone, and I'm feeling much better on the runs. Now, my bigger concern is increasing VO2 max, traditional sit-ups, and completing a 300 yard sprint in under 80 seconds.

I failed the first Physical Agility Test with HPD. That was a miserable experience. I cleared the two flight stair run easily enough. I missed the 300yd. sprint by about 10 seconds. Just couldn't get enough air in my lungs by the fourth lap. That, and I tripped over the 3.5' wall. That cost me about another five seconds. After walking a cool down lap, they got me to do 6 push-ups and 20 sit-ups in 2:00 minutes. The push-ups were the easy part. I strapped into a sit-up bench to bust out 20 traditional (hands behind my head) sit-ups and could only get 10. Let me have someone stand on my feet and put my arms across my chest, and I'll give you twenty easy. This was more leg strength and gut than I am used to. Heck, that morning, I easily did over 100 sit-ups and 100 more push-ups with the group. I didn't feel bad, or over exerted (sp?) when I got to that point in the PAT, but I just couldn't muster up the reserves to get my 20. I think my hanging gut had some part in it, and at the time, my bursitis was at its peak. I ran the test sans knee brace and the legs were tHrObBiNg! I let my mind get in the way and affect my performance.

Tomorrow, Swede and I are taking a trip to the track for some sprints and to time my 300yard run. We'll see where I stand and do what it takes to improve. As the weight sloughs off, I will be able to increase my speed. I'm also working on my VO2max by cycling after my workouts. That will also build leg strength against a recurrence of bursitis.

I take the next PAT in a couple of weeks. Barring any surprises, I should be able to complete the PAT this time around. I know what to expect. After that, I review my polygraph application with the recruiter, schedule that, medical, psychological and a drug screen. If all goes well, I hope to get into the June academy class.

I know I can do this. I will do this. It is my dream to become a police officer. I've done enough for my family and it cost me two decent jobs that I was moderately happy at. The last job gave me more gray hair and less money in the bank. Now it is time to do something I want, be happy at it, be good at it, and provide for my family, too. I went about a career track the wrong way and was not happy. Now, I plan on being just a bit selfish in my job quest so I don't suffer and neither does my family.

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The last cause said...

Well, I've been reading your writings for quite sometime now, and it seems to me you are leaning forward in what you are attempting to do, namely, improve in the facets of life that matter to you.

I look forward to seeing you reach your goals.